Skating season showstopper


By Sheila Runions

The Rivers Banner

The Learn to Skate program in Rivers officially became Rivers Skating Club in 2015/16 and enough girls were then interested that a synchronized team was formed. This year Rivers Silver Jets, only in its second year of existence, entered its first competition — imagine their delight at winning bronze! The stellar standing was announced at the Crocus Invitational event in Dauphin March 18. 

Prior to that, and as previously reported in these pages, the team travelled to Kenton for a performance at that skating club’s annual ice show on Feb. 26. The final performance for Rivers Silver Jets was done at Rivers Skating Club’s ice review on Thursday, March 23. The team’s 10 skaters showcased their routine for an appreciative hometown crowd. Before their dance to Try Everything, they led the crowd in a “Synchro fans in the stands…” cheer. At all shows and throughout the year, the girls have enjoyed tremendous amounts of fun and they are already excited for next season and the challenges coach Larissa Luptak will glide their way. 

There are 44 members in Rivers Skating Club, aged three to 10 years. They practise every Thursday at Riverdale Community Centre and while coached by Larissa, much assistance is also provided by Aimee Creighton (a teen from Rivers who skates in Brandon but who volunteers here), Naomi Best (a member of Kenton Skating Club) and Nathan Krahn. When the recital concluded, Abbey Jubinville and Jaymee Moran presented flowers to Larissa and Aimee; Naomi and Nathan were also given small thank-you gifts.

Rivers Silver Jets were the last to skate during the 40-minute presentation of Disney on Ice. Other groups were the seven-member Starskate, the 12-member CanSkate Green Group, the 13-member CanSkate Red Group and the 12-member CanSkate Blue Group. Despite technical difficulties in playing her sound track, which resulted in two false starts and ultimately a skate in silence, Aimee completed her solo with perfection. The other guest performance was by Brandon’s synchronized skating team (nine girls), The Mini Wheats. The finale included all skaters whether from Rivers or Brandon. They completed as many laps around the ice as they could before gathering in a single line to bow to the stands and acknowledge their audience.

Rivers Skating Club raised $114 in a 50/50 draw which was won by Amy Peters; Anna Lepp-Forest won the gift basket raffle.