NACI attacks the track



By Eoin Devereux

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It was a hugely successful day on the track Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute (NACI) at the Track Attack competition. The event, held on Monday, May 15 in Neepawa, saw the team garner 29 top-three finishes on the day, with 10 of those being first place results. 

Notable individual results included Braden Gillies collecting a trifecta of first place finishes (Long Jump, Triple Jump and Discus Throw). Gillies also added another first place result in the Boys 4x100 Meter Relay, teaming with Taine Middleton, Ben Rainka and Ben Perrett. Middleton and Rainka earned individual first place results in the 100 and 200 Meter Dash respectively.

Other top podium finishes for NACI included Rylee Gluska (JV shot put), Jodi Anderson (JV discus), the JV boys 4x400 meter relay and Dylan Oshanyk (Varsity boys discus). The complete top ten results for NACI include:


Girls 1500 Meter Run (Junior Varsity)

3rd place: Tess Murray - 6:43.00

5th place: Tanner Speiss - 6:46.00


Girls 80 Meter Hurdles (Junior Varsity)

2nd place: Tanner Speiss - 14.46

6th place: Kara Ellis - 16.46


Girls 4x100 Meter Relay (Junior Varsity)

6th place: NACI - 59.43


Girls Distance Medley (Junior Varsity)

4th place: NACI - 5:23.37


Girls High Jump (Junior Varsity)

5th place: Famira Severight - 1.25m

8th place: Kara Ellis - 1.20m


Girls Shot Put 4kg (Junior Varsity)

1st place: Rylee Gluska - 9.02m

9th place: Josie Pederson - 7.99m

10th place: Brooklyn Chartrand - 7.74m


Girls Discuss Throw 1kg (Junior Varsity)

7th place: Josie Pederson - 20.51m


Girls Javelin Throw 600g (Junior Varsity)

4th place: Ryless Gluska - 24.78m


Girls 100 Meter Dash (Varsity)

2nd place: Zoie Forgue - 13.08


Girls 200 Meter Dash (Varsity)

2nd place: Zoie Forgue - 28.71


Girls 4x100 Meter Relay (Varsity)

4th place: NACI - 1:04.00


Girls Distance Medley (Varsity)

3rd place: NACI - 5:26.00


Girls Long Jump (Varsity)

7th place: Vicky Elgert - 3.48m

8th place: Holly Boersma - 3.32m

10th place: Jessica Gibson - 3.10m


Girls Triple Jump (Varsity)

5th place: Vicky Elgert - 8.24m


Girls Shot Put 4kg (Varsity)

2nd place: Taryn McConechy - 9.37m

4th place: Jodi Anderson - 7.68m

10th place: Sam Kerkowich - 6.08m


Girls Discus Throw 1kg (Varsity)

1st place: Jodi Anderson - 24.41m


Girls Javelin Throw 600g (Varsity) 

3rd place: Maryn McConechy - 25.32m

9th place: Jodi Anderson - 16.60m


Boys 100 Meter Dash (Junior Varsity)

1st place: Taine Middleton - 11.87

3rd place: Ben Rainka 12.51


Boys 200 Meter Dash (Junior Varsity)

1st place: Ben Perrett - 24.36


Boys 800 Meter Run (Junior Varsity)

2nd place: Wiley Speiss - 2:26.00


Boys 1500 Meter Run (Junior Varsity)

3rd place: Max Baker - 5:30.03


Boys 100 Meter Hurdles 0.914m (Junior Varsity)

4th place: Kyle Rellamas - 19.40


Boys 4x100 Meter Relay (Junior Varsity)

1st place: NACI - 48.24


Boys 4x400 Meter Relay (Junior Varsity)

1st place: NACI - 4:36.00


Boys High Jump (Junior Varsity)

9th place: Max Baker - 1.50m


Boys Long Jump (Junior Varsity)

1st place: Braden Gillies - 5.20m

7th place: Garret Rainkie - 4.55m


Boys Triple Jump (Junior Varsity)

1st place: Braden Gillies - 11.58m

3rd place: Daxx Turner - 11.00m

8th place: Garret Rainkie - 9.89m

10th place: Riley Neufeld - 9.34m


Boys Shot Put 4kg (Junior Varsity)

9th place: Rylan Hollier - 10.86m


Boys Discus Throw 1.5kg (Junior Varsity)

1st place: Braden Gillies - 27.54m


Boys Javelin Throw 700g (Junior Varsity)

3rd place: Daxx Turner - 32.00m


Boys 100 Meter Dash (Varsity)

4th place: Reese Jones - 12.28


Boys 200 Meter Dash (Varsity)

3rd place: Reese Jones - 25.74


Boys 800 Meter Run (Varsity)

6th place: Hammar Jackson - 2:46.00

7th place: Daly Chartrand - 2:58.00


Boys 100 Meter Hurdles 0.914m (Varsity)

3rd place: Daly Chartrand - 19.27

4th place: Ram Ignacio - 21.24


Boys 4x100 Meter Relay (Varsity)

2nd place: NACI - 49.62


Boys High Jump (Varsity)

2nd place: Baren Mitchler - 1.75m

4th place: Hammar Jackson - 1.65m


Boys Long Jump (Varsity) 

10th place: Daly Chartrand - 4.58m


Boys Shot Put 5kg (Varsity)

3rd place: Hammar Jackson - 11.83m

7th place: Dylan Oshanyk - 9.84m


Boys Discus Throw 1.5kg (Varsity) 

1st place: Dylan Oshanyk - 32.76m

5th place: Hammar Jackson - 28.75m


Boys Javelin Throw 700g (Varsity)

3rd place: Dylan Oshanyk - 36.57m