Curling Clinic a success





Back Row: Tye Cabak, Rick DeMay, Tavon DeMay, Maverick Jakubowski, Dawson Jakubowski, Oscar Funk, Tara McCarty, Leslie Dyke, Madisyn Roberton. Front Row: Keegan Dyke, Will Cabak, Taylor Terin, Emma Pollock, Wyatt Njegovan, Tyson Terin,  Deepak Mishra, Lauren Bremner. Missing: Ryan Cabak, Gavin Jakubowski, Macey Kilburn, Cora Baker


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This fall, twenty-one individuals signed up for an eight week Youth/Family Curling Clinic at the Neepawa Curling Club.  Individuals ranged in age from 8-years-old to adults with varying skill levels.  

The group consisted of individuals and six “family units”, which for some included a parent and their child or for others, siblings.  The first four weeks consisted of various drills to build on developing skill.  For the remainder of the clinic, randomly arranged teams played each other under the watchful eye of an on-ice volunteer coach who was there to answer questions, offer advice and/or refresh curlers on technique etc.  

A big thank you goes out to Darla Hanke, Dalyse & Paul Robertson, Hans Pedersen, Michelle Brydon and anyone else that stepped in here and there for giving their time when they could to help run this session.

This is the third year this fall session has been offered.  If you think you want to learn to curl or participate in a few weeks of family/youth curling please register with The Neepawa Curling Club at Registration Night at the Yellowhead in August 2018.  

Everyone is now ready for the bonspiel season!