Council clips - Dec 19

LUD of Oak River, Dec. 1: A public hearing for the borrowing bylaw for the utility has been scheduled for the new year so it is not in transition between RM of Blanshard and RM of Oakview.

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Fitness room at Rivers Collegiate being equip


By Jessie Bell


A classroom on the north end of Rivers Collegiate is being transformed into a fitness room. The goal is to incorporate it into physical education and hockey academy programs, and for those students who wish to use the space in order to become better athletes.

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Rivers Hall packed for annual event

By Hall Svesitrup


Possibly the largest crowd ever at this event crammed Rivers Legion Hall for the 18th annual trophy buck night; it was hosted by Rivers and Area Game and Fish Association on Saturday, Nov. 29. Despite a declining deer population which resulted in a bucks-only hunting season, 47 scored quality heads were entered. Following is a list of winners whose heads were scored by Lance Anderson, Dan Wilson (Cabela’s), Shawn Airey and Wayne Moffat.

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Bethlehem Bound

By Sheila Runions

      Banner Staff


Rivers Baptist Church was used Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening for two showings of Bethlehem Bound, a comical pageant which tells the biblical Christmas story, with some modern twists. Marty was travelling with his wife Ramona, who was planning to audition at Bethlehem Star Search and become the next big name in entertainment.

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Holiday checkstop underway

By Tara Seel

      Media Relations Officer


This is certainly the time of year to be merry and bright, but don’t consume any holiday spirits before getting in the driver’s seat! Far too many people are still choosing high-risk behaviour and are driving impaired. This year in Manitoba 35 per cent of traffic fatalities (25 fatalities) have involved impaired drivers. These are completely preventable tragedies.

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