Talks underway for off leash dog park in Neepawa

2-C-Neepawa-Dog Park

By Eoin Devereux

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The Town of Neepawa is exploring the possibility of an off-leash dog park. Due to a high volume of community interest from pet owners, a town driven committee has been formed and is looking for approval to potentially establish the facility at Rotary Park.

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Falcon-Ouelette visits Neepawa

By Ken Waddell

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Recent Winnipeg mayoral candidate Robert Falcon-Ouelette, spoke on Friday to the Neepawa Rotary Club. In what was described by some as the best speech ever, Falcon-Ouelette outlined some of his vision for the future of Winnipeg and Manitoba. 

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Piece Makers present projects

By Rhonda Krahn

In 2013 Rivers Piece Makers had a quilt show and raffle at Rivers’ Centennial, where we raised some money for charity. We chose to use the money to purchase fabric and supplies to make quilts.

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Kenton news - Nov 27

By Paulette Wiens


On Nov. 18 people gathered at Kenton Memorial Hall for the Social Club opening. There were card games, board games, Wii games and also laptop computers to use. (The hall now has a Wi-Fi connection.)

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Hospital foundation helps health care

By Gary Pomeroy 


The purpose of Riverdale Health Services District Foundation is to enhance health care within the community.  Any money given to the foundation is controlled and spent locally. Affairs of the foundation are handled by a volunteer-based board of directors; members are local residents who represent the Town of Rivers and RMs of Daly and Blanshard.

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