Motocross races

By Al Lepp

Manitoba Motocross Association presents two days of intense motocross action this weekend, Aug. 30 and 31. Racing begins 9:30 a.m. at McNabb Valley Raceway near Minnedosa. Round 7 of competition was held in Grunthal on Aug. 10; this weekend is the final opportunity to collect points in Rounds 8 and 9. Come out and support local riders Cory Gill, Braden Koritar, Roger Lepp, Ryan Linto and others as they battle for points.

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RCI approved for Hockey Skills Academy

By Sheila Runions

Banner Staff

Fifteen years ago an Open Ice Summit determined the future of Canadian hockey relied in part on relationships with schools. As such, Hockey Canada Skills Academy was born and last season, 108 such groups ran in schools across Canada. This year, Rivers will be home to one of these academies; Bruce Helgeson will be the instructor.

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Fresh crop of recipes in Volume 5

By Tammy Witko

Communications Manager, Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) will help you get back to your roots this fall with a cornucopia of fresh and delicious recipes in the newest edition of the Quick and Healthy cookbook.

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By Patricia Hanbidge

Saskatoon School of Horticulture Principal

Today in the garden it was all about getting eaten. Handling mosquitoes —even this year in their overabundance of population — is mostly alright but handling the sting of wasps is not so nice. A nice morning in the garden puttering around for enjoyment was cut short when I stepped into the wrong place! After all, the buzz in the garden right now is wasps! This tells me that we have recently reached late summer and the savvy insects that have to overwinter outside are already beginning to prepare.

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Council clips- August 29 Rivers Banner

RM of Daly, July 8: Board of Revision will be held on Oct. 14 at 11 a.m. A variation order was granted to Paradise Valley to change the minimum front yard requirement of 150 feet to 90 feet and up to 141.2 feet, depending on the specific lot. Councillor Larry Fast discussed the trimming of trees at Chimo Resort. Councillor Ian Dyer questioned what is required to open a gravel pit. Councillor Dave Falkevitch voiced his concern for Road 65 and the amount of damage done by gravel trucks. Reeve Evan Smith spoke about the amount of damage done to roads and bridges and how the staff and councillors have worked hard to get repairs done. RM of Daly will inform the joint Rivers/Daly amalgamation committee that Daly does not wish to join Midwest Planning District.

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