Sale raises $1,000 to help hungry people

By Liesel Krahn

Combine three garden plots, 14 children aged four to 12 guided by parents and grandparents, two overcast Friday mornings and Rivers area residents eager to enjoy fresh vegetables and what is the result? A $1,000 donation to Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB)!

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10 Little Drivers

Reprinted from our files

Ten little drivers cruising down the line. One had a heavy foot and then there were nine.

Nine little drivers, the hour was getting late. One dozed a moment and then there were eight.

Eight little drivers and the evening seemed like heaven. One showed his driving “skill” and then there were seven.

Seven little drivers, their lives were full of kicks. One bought a bottle and then there were six.

Six little drivers impatient to arrive. One rushed a traffic light and then there were five. 

Five little drivers wheeling near the shore. One viewed the scenery and then there were four.

Four little drivers, happy as could be. One passed upon a hill and then there were three.

Three little drivers were busy — it is true. One neglected car repairs and then there were two.

Two little drivers and day was nearly done. One didn’t dim his lights and then there was one.

Yes, one little driver who’s still alive today. By following the safety rules he hopes to stay that way.

Sing a joyful song!

By Lorrie Dyer

Rivers United Church is one of a very few remaining small rural churches that is fortunate to have a choir actively participate in regular church services. Dedicated choir leader Shirley Russell has directed the choir since Ina Hyndman retired from the position in 1984. In 2000 Dianne Kowalchuk became the choir’s accompanist, as well as the church organist.

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$8,000 received for station study

By Donna Morken

Chairperson, Rivers Train Station Restoration Project 

Rivers Train Station Restoration Project (RTSRP) committee is pleased to announce that they have received funding from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development for their Riverdale Regional Railway Project. The funding is a 50/50 shared program with the province of Manitoba providing $8,000 and RTSRP providing the matching $8,000.

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Be safe this summer

By Brent Fowler

Director of Training and Operations, St. John Ambulance

With the warm weather now in full swing, St. John Ambulance would like to encourage all citizens to stay safe this summer. By following a few key rules, we can all enjoy a summer free of injury and illness. While they may sound obvious, here are a few key and important things to remember:

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