Homebodies - The beauty of creation

By Rita Friesen

It was two of the AM when the soft whimper at my bedside alerted me to the fact that – once again- it would be wise to escort my four-footed friends outdoors. And so, reluctantly, I rose from warmth of my nest and staggered to the door. 

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Faithfully Yours - Counting down the days

Neil Strohschein

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Many years ago, I heard about a man who did something very few people would dare to do.

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Right in the centre - Deafening silence

By Ken Waddell

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By the time this column hits the streets, things may have changed dramatically but right now, the silence is deafening. There’s so little real news coming out of the provincial government and the municipal offices that one has to wonder when something, anything will break loose. I know it’s budget season, but there has been almost no projects or programs pre-announced anywhere. 

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My perspective - Problems and solutions

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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Last weekend, I covered the nomination meeting to determine the PC candidate for the Agassiz riding in the next provincial election. It was a hard fought race and one that wasn’t characterized by the mud slinging so often seen when opposing parties go to war in an election. As PC leader Brian Pallister pointed out, a nomination race is a battle among friends.

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Homebodies: Lessons to learn

By Rita Friesen

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The Reader’s Digest was the magazine of choice in our farm home. Chock full of information on a wide variety of topics, it became a mini library in a farm home. Some humour, some faith, some economics and strong personalities filled the pages. One article that jumps to my memory is one written, in all sincerity, back in the ‘50s, debating whether black people could be as intelligent as white. We have, thankfully, come a long way. 

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