Preparing children for an ever changing world

Board of Trustees

Beautiful Plains School Division

One of the most prominent factors in our children’s lives today is change. Whether it is a young newcomer to our community or a child that has been born here, change is inevitable. Technology, the economy, social media and many other factors have greatly affected the world in which they live. As educators and parents, we must prepare our children for a world very different than the one we experienced as children. This calls for a change in the way we educate and parent. Change can be very unsettling and threatening for children and sometimes more so for adults. Humans are predisposed to want to have their lives stay the same. But that is not realistic or healthy. We need to empower our youth to embrace and accept change. This is vital to their success and the success for our community as a whole. There are several strategies to create a healthy climate for change.

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RCMP urge snowmobile safety

By Const. Paul Human

Media Relations

Snowmobiling is very popular across Manitoba. It is a unique way to get around in the winter and see parts of the province hidden by snow and trees.It’s a lot of fun out there on the trails and the lakes, but it only stays fun if everyone gets home safely.Here are 10 safety tips that will make your snowmobiling experience a great one:

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Impromptu speeches...Yes, you can learn to love them!

By Cora Baker

Neepawa and Area 4-H Beef Club

At the Neepawa and Area 4-H beef Club’s third meeting, Tim Baker paired the junior, intermediate and senior members up into groups of two. He then gave each group a topic to talk about. Some of the topics were: Your biggest cattle show attended; the best place you’ve gone on summer vacation; where you go to buy show supplies; where to get the best pizza and your favorite sports team. We were given five minutes to write our thoughts on the topic and then present them as a group.

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Armstrong's War coming to Westman

Banner Staff

The next production in the Kaleidoscope Concert series will be the Manitoba Theatre Centre’s touring production “Armstrong’s War”. It’s coming to the Roxy Theatre in Neepawa on Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m.

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Minnedosa mayor pleased with response from rec centre forum

By Eoin Devereux

The Neepawa Banner

Just under 100 people attended a public forum in Minnedosa on Monday, Jan. 26, to learn more about the construction of a proposed regional events centre. The project has been in the works since 2009 and would include a new hockey arena that will replace the existing ice rink, which was built in 1947. 

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