Elections and acclamations

By Sheila Runions

      Banner Staff

Nearly four years have passed since the last municipal election, but this Oct. 22 when voters go to the polls, locals will have to deal with changes. The province forced municipalities with fewer than 1,000 residents to amalgamate to create larger areas and thus, Town of Rivers and RM of Daly will become RM of Riverdale. RMs of Blanshard, Saskatchewan and Town of Rapid City will become RM of Oakview. Councils will still have seven representatives, and candidates had to file papers by Tuesday, Sept. 16. They have until Sept. 17 at 4 p.m. to withdraw their intent but that time is nearly 24 hours past this newspaper’s deadline and approximately two hours after it has been sent to the printer. Therefore the following information is subject to change, but is as accurate as we can possibly report.

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Super support for school

By Debbie Phythian

Close your eyes and imagine 60 children spending five mornings together in one building. I'm sure this created a variety of images in your mind, but for all of those involved in Rivers’ daily vacation Bible camp Weird Animals Week, it was an amazing five days. For the most part, these 60 children were divided into four groups that rotated through four stations where the daily Bible story and message were reinforced. 

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Vets acknowledged at Kenton

By Paulette Wiens

Veteran Appreciation Day was held at Woodworth Millennium Museum on Wednesday, Sept. 3 from 2-4 p.m. Kenton’s own Jack Houston and John Roseveare were in the Second World War and Mike Ramsden was in the air force and did some peace keeping missions. Those in attendance visited the veterans and were served refreshments. Memorabilia from both World Wars and a book of letters from  veterans to their families back home were on display. We appreciate all those who visited the museum to make this event  a success. May we always remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and shake the hand of those we have in our midst. 

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Legion News

By Warren Smallwood

The Sept. 8 meeting was the first after a summer off; many things were accomplished since the June meeting.  Final details for the roof project were settled in talks with Community Places and the contractor. The custom rafters have been ordered and should be here soon. When they arrive the front part of the building will be done quickly; the large back portion will be finished in the spring and summer next year.

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Local artist paintings on display

By Sheila Runions

Banner Staff

Self-taught artist Ina Hyndman of Rivers was invited to by Midwest Arts Council to participate in a month-long showing of her paintings at Hamiota Heritage Arts Centre. Ina has participated in galleries for more than 20 years and her work is so excellent that some have been bought by the government for Manitoba’s provincial art collection, and by Manitoba Liquor Commission. She is also regularly commissioned to paint specific scenes. 

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