World Suicide Prevention Day

By Monica Truffyn

Communications Co-ordinator, PMH

One World Connected” is the theme of this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). Bringing this theme home, the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) and the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) have partnered to promote, “Connecting Canada” as the theme for WSPD in Canada.

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Packing school lunches without stress

By Camille Dupas

Health Canada Communications Officer

It's that time of year again — kids are preparing to go back to school, which means parents and caregivers are revising their grocery lists and weekday routines to include school lunches. Kids who eat a healthy lunch are ready to learn. While hectic family schedules can be a challenge to manage, taking the stress out of making school lunches is as easy as getting the kids involved and planning ahead.

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Keep it safe in the water

RCMP Media Relations

Although summer holidays are creeping towards an end, the hot, dry weather has warmed our lakes and made the beach a popular destination. While there is lots of fun to be had, there are some very real dangers that come along with children playing in or near water.

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Motocross races

By Al Lepp

Manitoba Motocross Association presents two days of intense motocross action this weekend, Aug. 30 and 31. Racing begins 9:30 a.m. at McNabb Valley Raceway near Minnedosa. Round 7 of competition was held in Grunthal on Aug. 10; this weekend is the final opportunity to collect points in Rounds 8 and 9. Come out and support local riders Cory Gill, Braden Koritar, Roger Lepp, Ryan Linto and others as they battle for points.

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RCI approved for Hockey Skills Academy

By Sheila Runions

Banner Staff

Fifteen years ago an Open Ice Summit determined the future of Canadian hockey relied in part on relationships with schools. As such, Hockey Canada Skills Academy was born and last season, 108 such groups ran in schools across Canada. This year, Rivers will be home to one of these academies; Bruce Helgeson will be the instructor.

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