Tragedy and triumph for homesteading immigrants


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Martha Peech (Slobodzian) sitting on the step of their house, surrounded by her children in the 1940s.  The young one sitting on her lap is John Peech.

By Wayne Hildebrand 

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“Canada was built by immigrant homesteaders,” relayed 96-year-old John Peech. 

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Out of Helen's kitchen - 1975

Helen Drysdale
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With the ‘70s came funky clothes; platform shoes, leisure suits, hot pants, jump suits, maxi dresses with large bold prints made from polyester, to go along with long side burns, the “shag” haircut, Afros and the “The Farrah cut”. In 1974, women started being recruited to the RCMP and Margaret Laurence was publishing her new book, The Diviners. In 1975, seat belts were made mandatory, helping save lives. Canadian singers Anne Murray and Joni Mitchell were making their mark on the charts.

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Homebodies - Baking on Sunday afternoon

Rita Friesen
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The Sunday afternoon stretched before me, endless possibilities and limited energy. The week had been busy, not busier than usual, but busy enough. On an impulse, I sent a quick message to a grandchild “what kind of cookies would you like?” Within minutes, the reply “what are my options?” Not much thinking required for that one, the family standbys have always been chocolate chip or oatmeal/raisin cookie, a take along on a hike or skiing day cookie. Given these two options, a third reply surfaced, the oatmeal raisin with chocolate chips.

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Cats TNR unveils festive new fundraiser

Miranda Leybourne
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Cats TNR Rescue is looking for donations of wine and craft beers as part of their brand new fundraiser, called “That’s the Spirit Wine & Beer Raffle”.
The organization, aimed at helping stray cats in the local area, was founded in 2012 after homeless cats were found living in a landfill near Neepawa. One year later, the group was recognized as a registered charity that has been growing quickly.

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Clarke hosts town hall meetings

Eoin Devereux
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A wide range of topics are on the table during a series of town hall meetings being hosted by Agassiz MLA Eileen Clarke. Two of the four scheduled gatherings were held on Monday, Sept. 25; the first in Gladstone at 10:00 a.m., followed by a meeting in Carberry at 7:00 p.m.
Attendees were encouraged to have their say on three key issues including, balancing the budget, sustaining health care and the integration of marijuana regulations within the province.

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