Canvassing for local cancer services


Audrey Heffell (left) and Iris Kooting (right) are showing off the name tags and bags the volunteer canvassers will have with them during the Central Plains Cancer Care Services door to door campaign. Photo by Jessica Hares-Lawless.

By Jessica Hares-Lawless

The Neepawa Press

During the month of April, Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) will be going door-to-door collecting donations for their annual canvass. Central Plains Cancer Services is a non-profit organization that raises money for their many programs which help people who are going through, survived or have had a close relationship with someone who has cancer. 

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Rivers recreation report - Apr. 3, 2017

By Laura Gillingham

Recreation Manager

March has been a very busy month, and it does not look like we will be slowing down any in April! March was host to numerous successful programs including: Art Night Out put on by Nicole Metzger, multiple stick ‘n’ puck/public skate events, a Rock and Read program, a Ready, Set, Grow program, a four-week Kids in the Kitchen program and two out-of-town hockey tournaments.

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Engrossed by the EcoVan

By Sheila Runions

Rivers Banner

According to a press release from Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), their “education programs are shaping conservation leaders for today and tomorrow.” Their award-winning programs include hands-on teaching to students of all ages through the travelling classroom from Oak Hammock Marsh. The marsh, located northeast of Winnipeg, is an “award-winning non-profit interpretive centre whose mission is to connect people with wetlands. For groups who cannot make it to the marsh, the interpretive centre’s EcoVan will come to them with a variety of interactive, curriculum-based education programs.” The EcoVan was in this area last week, visiting schools in Oak River, Rapid City and Rivers. The stops were paid for by Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District and occurred between March 22-24.

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Rural council clips - Apr. 3, 2017


LUD  of Rapid City, March 13: Minutes from the last meeting, Dec. 14 were adopted. The animal control bylaw was reviewed; suggestions will be passed on to RM of Oakview; the LUD recommend Oakview purchase a dog kennel. Recycling pickup has been changed from Thursday to Tuesday. Councillor indemnity will be $150 per month, which includes one meeting; special LUD meetings to be charged at $18 per hour; committee meetings are $40 per meeting; mileage will be reimbursed at the provincial rate (47 cents) while travelling on municipal business. The next meeting is at the call of the chair.

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Faithfully yours - Let it go and move on

By Neil Strohschein

The Neepawa Banner

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received came at one of the most turbulent times in my life. A trusted friend said something like this: “Neil, don’t let your past keep you in bondage. Let it go and move on.” That turned out to be far easier for my friend to say than it was for me to do.

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