Federal budget gets it mostly wrong according to critics

Ken Waddell
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The federal government tabled their budget on Tuesday emphasizing they intend to close the gender gap in pay scales and encourage more fathers to take paternity leave. Critics were quick to point out that while these may be laudable goals, the country is in need of many other economic initiatives. The province of Manitoba PC government lead by Premier Brian Pallister held a news conference Tuesday afternoon. Pallister said, “This is a mid-term budget. There is nothing to help with health care. There is some money there to help with addictions but it would also have been a good time to give some tax relief.” Finance Minister Cameron Friesen said, “The economy is growing and federal spending is growing but in face of what is happening in the United States with their tax cuts, the federal government should have provided some tax relief.”

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Looking Back - 1988: Neepawa Lions take down old bandshell

Jessica Morton
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80 years ago
Friday, February 25, 1938
Spring is on the way for sure, says two Press subscribers. When Mrs. M. Thomson went into her living room yesterday she found a yellow butterfly fluttering around and she thought it came off a hyacinth bulb which she had just brought from the cellar. Clifford Virtue also reported seeing a red winged blackbird.

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Auto accident in downtown Neepawa


Photos by John Drinkwater

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A three vehicle accident occurred in Neepawa on Monday, Feb. 26. Eyewitnesses noted that it appeared that one person went to hospital. No additional details on the cause have been confirmed at this time. (Click on story for additional pictures.)

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World Day of Prayer

Christine Waddell
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The World Day of Prayer (W.D.P.) is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year. It is celebrated in over 170 countries on the first Friday in March. The roots of this day can be dated back to the 1800s. Through WDP women around the world are encouraged to become aware of the whole world and no longer live in isolation and to be enriched by faith experiences of Christians of other countries and cultures and to pray for and with them.

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What is Neepawa? We’ll find out soon enough

Eoin Devereux
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The effort to launch Neepawa’s new brand is a step closer to becoming a reality. A task force, consisting of local municipal and business leaders, received a creative brief from Travel Manitoba on Tuesday, Feb. 13. The brief focused on ideas for generating new opportunities in tourism and launching a coordinated branding effort for the area. While the specific details of the Travel Manitoba creative brief will not be released until the final brand strategy is officially unveiled, the early draft of the campaign does appear to place emphasis on targeting cultural explorers attracted to niche tourism.

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