Right in the centre - Where did all the money go?

By Ken Waddell

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The federal government has introduced a balanced budget, it’s about time. The province of Manitoba is introducing a deficit budget. Again! Shame on them.

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Are we inclusive?

By Vern May

Minnedosa & Area Community Development Corporation

There’s something very comfortable in “the way it’s always been done” isn’t there?  Being born and raised in a prairie town, we come to know that Joe always looks after this, that’s Bob’s project over there and there’s a number of standing committees and clubs that each hold ownership of their own specific projects, all in the greater good of the community.

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Homebodies - It began innocently

By Rita Friesen

It began innocently. The day had been deliberately set aside as a “do nothing” day. The week past had been productively busy, the week ahead much the same. It was time for rest and relaxation. Smell the springtime, enjoy the coffee. Then I wandered past the single car garage.

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Faithfully Yours - A lesson in adapting to adversity

By Neil Strohscein

The flu hit my home last week. It hit me early Wednesday morning, which just happened to be first day of my spring vacation. It came with the usual symptoms—coughs, aches and pains, the inability to sleep, etc. I looked miserable, I felt miserable, I acted miserable, I was miserable.

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My perspective - Changing landscape

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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In the late 1800s, waves of immigrants flowed into western Canada in the hopes of a better life. In 1872, the Dominion Lands Act came into effect and it granted a quarter section of land to any settler 21 years of age or older who met some basic criteria.  

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