Homebodies - To everything there is a season

By Rita Friesen

The better part of a year has passed since my best friend and partner of 40 years and one day died. It has been, in many ways, the worst part of a year. I have adapted and I am adapting. Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I had been the sole occupant of the bed for months before I realized that by getting out of “Ed’s” side I was closer to the door. And didn’t have to stumble around the end of the bed when the dogs, or I, had to get up in the middle of the night! 

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Faithfully Yours - What we can do for our country

By Neil Strohschein

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January 21, 1961 was a cold and blustery day in Washington, DC. A heavy snow had fallen the previous night, leaving many to wonder if the event scheduled for that day would go ahead.

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My perspective - More imagination

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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This week, we celebrated Canada Day. In 1867, Canada was established as a self-governing dominion, an autonomous region under the British crown, through the British North America Act. The document created the federal and provincial levels of government, as well as the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In the subsequent years, we would see our country grow and change shape, but literally and figuratively. 

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Right in the centre - A clear but flawed choice

By Ken Waddell

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Canada is at a crossroads with the upcoming federal election. At this point, there are only really two choices for government and for prime minister. The NDP and Thomas Mulcair and the Conservative Party of Canada and Stephen Harper.

Is there really a choice?

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Work together or fight

By Vern May

Minnedosa & Area Community Development Corporation

What if we both want the same customers? Is it better to go to war to compete for those dollars or to collaborate in areas which best serve our clientele? It’s probably easier and more productive to work together — or we could fight.

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