Homebodies - No higher praise

By Rita Friesen

A soft, sticky hand slid into mine. The little fingers entwined, as best as possible, with mine. “Great gran, will you come play in the sand playground with me?” The four year old had not been sent, nor coerced to ask me to come and play. He only sees me once or twice a year, but is always open and loving. 

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Faithfully Yours - Where to?

By Neil Strohschein

I will never forget the first ride I took on a passenger train. I was 10 at the time. My father decided to go to Edmonton to visit my aunt and uncle; and he invited me to come along.

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My perspective - Don't believe everything

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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In 1605, the first newspaper accessible to the general public was published. Since then, year after year, people report a high level of trust in newspapers.  The public trusts the stories they read and the ads they see.  The industry should have remembered that.

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Right in the centre - Waiting without working is not an option

By Ken Waddell

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I have visited the Brandon Regional Health Centre on several occasions this past eight months. The first of many visits was to see a friend who has thankfully recovered. The most recent visit was this past week to visit the new great grandson.

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Homebodies - Another set of firsts

By Rita Friesen

Minor household repairs have never been my forte. My beloved was exceptional in the maintenance department. Creative and ingenious, he crafted solutions to any problem. And some of those projects cannot be sustained without his caring. But I am learning to do what I can, call for help when needed and sometimes replace instead of repair. When Ed purchased this property over 17 years ago, and yes, he bought it. He called me at work and the joy in his voice as he announced his decision still resonates in my heart. The plan then was to stay 10 years, and then five more, and then, I really don’t want to leave. And so he (we) didn’t. Some of the projects have outlasted their 10 year goal and now, some need to be addressed.

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