Not what Ford intended

By Sheila Runions

Rivers Banner Staff

Ken Kilmury moved to Rivers in June 2013 and that move included his truck. While Ford decaled the back fenders as a 4x4 off-road vehicle, they likely didn’t mean for the 52-year-old to drive it into Lake Wahtopanah on Tuesday evening, May 19. The vehicle was located by a diver, who connected the winch cable before it was pulled out by ABC Auto Service & Towing.

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Youth Job Centre opens in Rivers

By Andrea Futrell

Youth Engagement Leader

Rivers’ Manitoba Youth Job Centre (MYJC) is open once again for the summer! Centres across Manitoba are in their 40th year of successfully supporting youth employment in Manitoba. The Rivers centre is sponsored by Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities in partnership with Riverdale Municipality, and serves the communities of Rivers, Forrest, Rapid City and Oak River.

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Games recess for summer

By Myrtle Wooldridge

Rivers 50+ Club Secretary

Rivers 50+ Club met on May 21 with 23 members present. President Ken Young welcomed the group and the meeting opened with members singing O Canada. The term deposit pledged to Rivers Health Action committee will be turned over to them on its due date, Oct. 21.

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Action on Zebra Mussels in Riding Mountain National Park

Submitted Article

Parks Canada has announced measures it is implementing in Riding Mountain National Park this summer to prevent the introduction of zebra mussels. Parks Canada is asking visitors to help them take action against this threat. A zebra mussel infestation is preventable! Starting in 2015, all watercraft that enter Park waters will undergo a free mandatory inspection by Parks Canada staff, which will be conducted at Clear Lake Boat Cove. 

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Community gardens ready for growing season

Submitted Article

The Neepawa community garden is now in its seventh year. The garden, located just north of the Flats soccer field, has supplied bushels of fresh vegetables to gardeners in spite of the deer, rabbits and raccoons who also like the greens easily accessible in neatly planted rows. 

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