Kenton News

By Paulette Wiens

On Oct. 6 I met a couple and their son at our restaurant. I asked if they were travelling through town or visiting; they told me they had purchased a farm near Lenore. Alastair and Emma Boynton came from England two weeks ago and will be taking possession on Oct. 15.

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Perfect day for some garden work


(L to R) Ann Neilsen, Wendy Menzies and Lorna Liddle. Photo by Diane Ruzycki

This seems to be a very busy day at the corner of Mountain and Davidson, as flowers and plants are being planted at the recently reconstructed pocket park.

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Neepawa mayoral hopefuls make their case


(L to R) Adrian de Groot and Bob Durston. Photo by Eoin Devereux

Neepawa mayoral debate was Thursday, Oct. 9th between Adrian de Groot and Bob Durston. See more details in the Oct. 17th edition of the Neepawa Banner.

Council Clips for week of Sept. 29

RM of Blanshard, Sept. 29: Stacking tires properly at the waste site was discussed.  The recycling depot in Oak River was discussed. Information was received regarding using shredded tires to repair frost boils in roads; road repairs still to be done due to the excessive June rains were discussed.

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'Clean' Car Wash

By Sheila Runions

      Banner Staff

Further to last week’s front page story about one of Rivers’ newer business, more details have been confirmed for the car wash. Readers may recall that Clean Under Pressure will demonstrate its spot-free Pure Water System on Saturday, Oct. 10.

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