Herbs for Health - Probiotics: the 'friendly" bacteria

By Janet Husak and Karen Burton

Herbs for Health

Do you suffer from digestive or stomach ailments such as lactose intolerance, gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or yeast infections? Then a probiotic may be what you need. A common interchangeable term is probiotic and acidophilus.  

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Homebodies - The church of my childhood

By Rita Friesen

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Several weeks ago I took the opportunity to attend a Sunday morning worship service in the church of my childhood. My sister knew of my plans to be present but no other family members were aware of my coming. 

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Faithfully yours - Reinventing ourselves

By Neil Strohschein

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As time passes, growing numbers of local congregations are being forced to make decisions that, 20 years ago, would never have been imagined. They are being forced to cease operations—close their buildings, liquidate and disburse the assets and find other places to worship. The pain these small congregations feel is worse than the pain of losing a loved one in death.

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My perspective - What the future holds

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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This is always an exciting week at the paper.  In Neepawa this week, we publish our annual feature celebrating this year’s graduating class.  I always enjoy looking through the pictures and seeing the students I know. Some live near me, some work in local businesses and some I have met while covering events throughout their school years. It’s interesting to hear their plans for the future and their excitement at beginning a new chapter.

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Right in the centre - Worth the cost

By Ken Waddell

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The most recent issue of the Minnedosa Tribune carried a very encouraging front page story.The Minnedosa Tribune is by the way the oldest community newspaper in Western Canada and is privately owned by Darryl Holyk. Privately owned papers are the best kind as I have stated many times and the Tribune is no exception.The Trib’s front page story outlines extensive plans for a new medical clinic in Minnedosa. It’s long overdue. Just as the renovated and then expanded medical clinic in Neepawa was long overdue, the community owned clinic in Minnedosa has been “talked about” for a long time. 

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