My perspective - Changing landscape

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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In the late 1800s, waves of immigrants flowed into western Canada in the hopes of a better life. In 1872, the Dominion Lands Act came into effect and it granted a quarter section of land to any settler 21 years of age or older who met some basic criteria.  

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Right in the centre - The mediocre and the excellent

By Ken Waddell

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As this column is being written Tuesday morning, the federal government is scheduled to introduce the budget. Also scheduled for Tuesday night is the introduction of the Town of Neepawa budget. Both will generate a bit of interest but not nearly as much as they should.

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Get moving with physiotherapy

By Wendy Marlatt

Stay on your toes about common walking injuries

The welcomed warm weather and the anticipation of spring has many of us lacing up the shoes and heading outdoors.  It is a common occurrence to see people out walking now that the snow is gone and the streets and roads are dry.  

Walking is one of the safest and easiest forms of exercise. It is easier on the joints than many high impact activities, but is not a guaranteed pain free form of exercise.  Certain muscles tend to be overused while others are minimally used while walking. A new injury can arise or an old chronic problem can resurface when starting out with a walking program.

Here are some common injuries that can occur.

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Homebodies - A bit of this and that

By Rita Friesen

There is a new canine on the block! Meeka is a retriever/lab cross. She is all puppy. When Meeka joined the household she was smaller than my fur people. Now, not so much! The play time is becoming more aggressive, provoked by any or all dogs. The growling is fierce, and the melee of moving energy astounding. So far no damage has been inflicted on anything or anyone. I rue the day when Meeka becomes too big for all four of us to cuddle on the sleeping chair. Right now, with a careful arrangement of limbs, Hoover, Miss Daisy, Meeka and I can all relax on the recliner and rest. I no longer need a blanket!

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Faithfully Yours - An Earth Day Story

By Neil Strohschein

I spent the first four months of 1990 as “Minister in Residence” at St. Giles’ Presbyterian Church of Prince George, BC. Their minister was away on medical leave; and I was asked to fill in for him. My duties were to staff the Minister’s office four mornings a week, visit congregants who were in hospital and preach at the Sunday morning services (they had two).

One Sunday, as I was preparing for the first service, the Chair of the Sunday Coffee Committee pulled me aside and said: “Neil, here is an announcement we would like you to make. It’s not earth shattering; but it’s important.” Earth shattering—no. Earth saving—definitely.

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