RBC makes 150 count

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Out of Helen's Kitchen - Eden students to benefit from J.M. Young cookbook

Helen Drysdale
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1979: At the tender age of 39, Progressive Conservative Joe Clark, won a minority government in the federal election on May 22 and became Canada’s youngest Prime Minister. He only lasted ‘til December 13, as they lost a vote of non-confidence on their budget. Manitoba was hit with one of the largest floods in the province’s history. Sony released the Walkman, an instant success worldwide. A Walkman cost $200, which at that time was a significant amount to pay for such a small item.

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Ste. Rose Hoof 'N' Holler Days


Photos by John Drinkwater
Fiddle player, Ramsey Rae, provided a musical performance for the visitors at Ste. Rose Hoof ‘n’ Holler Days.

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Observation - October 13, 2017

Addy Oberlin
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Where can I go for a holiday? Where is it safe? A nice warm part of this world to relax would be great, but is it safe there? Even staying at home can be risky. How can we know we are safe when we stay at home and hide in our familiar surroundings?

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Arden celebrates Canada 150

Micah Waddell
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Lansdowne Recreation Commission is holding a Canada 150 celebration and fundraiser on Oct. 21st at the Arden Community Hall. The event will feature the acoustic trio called GMC and dinner for the evening.

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