Koshels of Neepawa living the conservation dream

Paul and Larissa Koshel web

Submitted Photo
Larissa and Paul Koshel on their farm with daughters Ella, Rhea and Kira.

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The Whitemud Watershed Conservation District is pleased to nominate Paul and Larissa Koshel for the 2017 Conservation Award. Growing up on a fruit and vegetable farm in The Pas, Paul has always found himself out in nature. From an early age, catching and collecting insects and pond creatures, feeding birds, building birdhouses, planting trees as well as hunting and fishing allowed Paul to develop an affinity, love and respect for nature.

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The annual account - Rivers Police Service

Bruce Klassen

Rivers Police Service

On behalf of the members of Rivers Police Service (RPS), it gives me great pleasure to share our 2017 annual report with you. Members are dedicated to providing the very best police service possible to the citizens they serve. They are able to do this through the support provided by our governing bodies, council and our police board. We continue to explore opportunities that allow us to maintain and improve upon the level of service provided to the community. We do this through continually assessing the services provided.

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Out of Helen's kitchen - Eggs

Helen Drysdale
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Eggs are one of the few foods considered to be a complete protein, because they contain all 9 essential amino acids.  Amino acids are considered the “building blocks for the body”. I like them for their reasonable price, and the expedient way they bring a meal together.

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Homebodies - About that cold snap…

Rita Friesen
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It is with grace and dignity that I confess that I have slipped into the category of the ‘oldtimers’. More than once the phrases-when I was a child, and I recall the winter of..’ Yup, earned all these memories and I trust the majority of them are still quite accurate. No guarantees but sincere hope! I recall the winter that my father was away, either back to university or teaching, and I was left in charge. That January was bitterly cold, the thermometer not inching past zero degrees Fahrenheit day or night. The morning pattern was stoking the furnace, heading out to do the chores, coming in to eat breakfast and make my school lunch, and heading off to school.

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Bay Hills undergoes major upgrade



Photo by Micah Waddell
Mr. Modi, is the owner of the Bay Hill and the Westway Inns, He has big plans for the future of both hotels.

Micah Waddell
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Kirit Modi, owner of Westway Inns and Bay Hills Inn recently  began renovations on the Bay Hill Inn & Suites on the west side of town. The hotel, originally built in the 90s as a Super 8, was bought by Modi a few years ago. The 34 room establishment will now feature imported Egyptian furniture as well as Simmons mattresses.

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