Faithfully Yours - Not amused; definitely amazed

By Neil Strohschein

When they designed the front page for their May 16, 2015 edition, the editors of the Winnipeg Free Press were trying to be funny—and initially, their plans succeeded.

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My perspective - It sounds great, but...

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

The Neepawa Banner

As we start the run up to the next provincial election, the government has been busy trying to convince voters that it’s small business friendly. It’s an interesting move for the NDP, long seen as the party of large unions.

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Right in the centre - Why can't we fix the roads?

By Ken Waddell

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That’s a question I am often asked. It can be applied equally to all levels of government but mainly to municipal and provincial governments. The federal government gets involved in roads and bridges to some extent, but generally in very large projects. A case in point is the new Gordie Howe Bridge between Windsor and Detroit. The day-to-day, garden variety road projects fall to the municipality and the province to build and fix. Our roads are generally deplorable, in spite of a lot of work being done from time to time. So why are they so bad?

The answers are fairy simple.

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Homebodies - No higher praise

By Rita Friesen

A soft, sticky hand slid into mine. The little fingers entwined, as best as possible, with mine. “Great gran, will you come play in the sand playground with me?” The four year old had not been sent, nor coerced to ask me to come and play. He only sees me once or twice a year, but is always open and loving. 

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Faithfully Yours - Where to?

By Neil Strohschein

I will never forget the first ride I took on a passenger train. I was 10 at the time. My father decided to go to Edmonton to visit my aunt and uncle; and he invited me to come along.

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