Homebodies - Thwarted

By Rita Friesen

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Lovely word, let it roll around in your head for a bit. Thwarted: (1) to oppose or defeat; keep from doing something; (2) to go against; oppose, hinder. My day was filled with great intentions and I was thwarted at every turn.

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Right in the centre - Strong leadership needed

By Ken Waddell

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Last week, some folks tried to trip up Premier Brian Pallister when he said he didn’t want to see the whole issue of night time big game hunting and night lighting become a race issue. He’s right it shouldn’t be a racial issue. In fact, it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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My perspective - Rise of the machines

Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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Donald Trump’s election as American president last fall was driven in part by his promise to bring back American jobs.  In many parts of the US, where people saw first hand the devastation of factory closures and unemployment, this message was appealing.  The problem is that fingers weren’t actually pointing at the right villain in the attack against the American middle class. 

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Observation: Jan 20, 2017

By Addy Oberlin
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This past week, one of our main topics was the weather. It was cold, yes bitterly cold. I believe this is the first year I drove around with my cord for the block-heater in my car, in case I had to be somewhere for awhile and a post was available to plug in the cord.

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Faithfully Yours: Recovering what we’ve lost

By Neil Strohschein
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As I wrote last week, I am a farm boy. Farming and rural life are in my blood. My happiest and most productive years in ministry were spent in rural communities, working with people whose backgrounds are similar to mine. They became more than just congregations to serve– they became family– a family that is, in some ways, closer to me than my biological family.

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