Homebodies - A perfect spring day...

By Rita Friesen

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It was all that the long grey winter had promised, spring did arrive. There was a day this week that was totally free, no commitments. I stopped by one of the local coffee shops and assured everyone that I still inhabited the land of the living. It was good to catch up with the crew. Headed over to the grocery store, saw something I liked and planned a shared supper. (It is good for me to plan a meal and enjoy my grandchildren’s company as we devour the repast.)

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Observation - Apr. 7, 2017

By Addy Oberlin

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There is water everywhere. Several towns have been declared to be in a state of emergency. The ice is breaking up at a fast pace, the water is running, in some places, too fast and ice jams are forming.. It came on so fast that it surprised many people who live close to rivers and lakes. Machinery and manpower worked day and night to clear the ice jams so that the water can run freely.

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My perspective - Time, money, little change

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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The issue of access to health care has been in the news a lot lately, both locally and internationally. It’s not surprising— health is one of the areas of government that has the biggest impact on our lives and it’s also the area in which we spend the most.

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Right in the centre - Needs will produce a solution

By Ken Waddell

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The province is getting some push back for allowing home medical visits by a nurse practitioner company. The critics of such an idea had better get ready to do battle, as the onslaught is coming. At least two home care provider companies have approached this newspaper about their intention to provide in-home care for people who need it. And it will be outside the government operated home care services.

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Homebodies - Fleeting thoughts...

Rita Friesen

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Years ago I was assigned a book written by Ralph Milton, ‘This United Church of Ours’. The author relayed the formation of the United churches and a history of the process. He then underscored how the church is unique and a work in progress. I liked his writing style. This week, I picked up another of his books, a collection of musings, personal and from observing this world of ours. I still like his writing style. 

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