Right in the Centre -Time to rethink health care funding

By Ken Waddell 
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The Province of Manitoba put out three fairly major announcements this past week.

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Right in the centre - Wanted: more thinking and planning

Ken Waddell
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I think it is a good idea that the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba are seeking to have Amazon locate a second home base facility in the city. It would be a good thing for the city and the province. It is a long shot, but as the head of CentrePort Canada said in a radio interview, it is a very good exercise. It is the same thing as the communities of south-western Manitoba banding together to try and land a soybean processing plant. Both are huge projects and they might not happen. However, the lessons learned in the process should give valuable insight into the capacity for projects.

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Trucking, a multi-generational affair


Martin Warner, with “Cream Puff”, and their third place Bobtail Tractor award at Shell Super Rigs in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Martin Warner

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With 15 years of trucking under my belt, spanning all of the continental United States and coast to coast in Canada, I wouldn’t consider myself a rookie. Nor do I consider myself a veteran of the highway. The fascination with trucks and the highway came from my grandfather, a driver of 47 years who was by definition a Professional Driver of the highest order. I remember being very young riding with him from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg, hauling resin to Palliser Furniture in a Freightliner cabover and a set of Krohnert super B tankers. Over the many summers, I enjoyed our time together as we travelled back and forth across northern Ontario. I remember the courtesy and respect that drivers showed to each other, this is slowly fading, however a few of us still try to keep the values taught to us by the previous generation.

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Out of Helen’s kitchen-Social Change

Helen Drysdale
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1964 and the social insurance number was instituted to help administer the Canada Pension Plan, and the various employment plans in Canada.

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Keeping Manitoba moving

Kate Jackman-Atkinson
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“We don’t deliver babies or bad news.” That’s how Manitoba Trucking Association general manager Terry Shaw described the breadth of his industry in a interview a few years ago.  Living in rural Manitoba, this description is especially appropriate.

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