Letters - Misleading about veterans?

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For a couple of weeks, Mr. Waddell has mentioned the totally unacceptable answer that Trudeau gave to a veteran at a town hall meeting. The answer, to put it mildly, was stupid. However, in fairness, I feel obliged to point out that our former P.M. would never have made such a blunder because he would never have appeared at a meeting with unscripted questions and unchoreographed answers.

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My perspective - Trading places

Kate Jackman - Atkinson
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While most people think of trade agreements in international terms, trade between provinces isn’t always as free as we think. In November 2016, Manitoba joined the New West Partnership, which aims to create a western Canadian free trade zone. The goal of the agreement is to allow for the better mobility of trade, investment and labour, with the end result of reducing costs. The original partnership was signed between British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan in 2010 and came into effect in 2013.

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Right in the centre - A matter of struggles and perspective

Ken Waddell
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Everybody thinks they have a struggle in life and to a certain extent they do. But putting one’s own personal struggle in perspective is something we should all learn to do. An average Canadian may be annoyed with the weather or local taxes or health care delays. Everyone in Canada is a bit afraid of what the United Sates will do next or more specifically what President Trump will say next. All the negative things that come at us every day are indeed an annoyance or a setback. The problem is that at any given time, few of us have real problems compared to others around us.

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Letters - Respect for Veterans

Robert Sopuck, Member of Parliament Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa

Every day, members of our Canadian Armed Forces put on their uniforms and go to work to help maintain the freedoms that Canadians often take for granted. Our troops were on the front lines in the First and Second World Wars, Korea, Afghanistan and Libya. Many more have taken part in peacekeeping missions in many other countries around the world.

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Homebodies - Teetering on the top rung?

Rita Friesen
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For many years I felt like the filling of a sandwich- caring for those beneath me, children and such, and caring for those above me, parents. You know how you make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich by heavily spreading the peanut butter on the bottom slice and the jelly on the top and then forcibly compressing the two? (yes, there is a correct way to make a pb and j sandwich!) I felt a lot like that compressed goo. First my mother passed away and then, ten years later- eleven plus years ago- my father died. Not only was I an orphan, I transferred from the filling to the upper crust in this sandwich of life.

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