My perspective - Coming and growing

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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Depopulation is a serious issue facing many rural communities. Over the last hundred years, Canadians have become increasingly urban and this shift has created challenges in many smaller towns and cities. They’ve seen their youth leave for education or career opportunities and not come back.

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Right in the centre - Let’s think this through

By Ken Waddell

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just read this morning that the Manitoba trucking industry isn’t happy with the Manitoba version of a carbon tax. I can’t imagine that they would be.

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Letters - A recycling rebuttal

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RE: Apr. 27 ‘Right in the centre – Recycling business in big trouble in Manitoba’ article. The following is written in response to Ken Waddell’s editorial published on Friday, April 27, 2018 in the Neepawa Banner & Press and Rivers Banner. About 93 per cent of Manitobans have easy access to a residential recycling program funded by Multi‐Material Stewardship Manitoba Inc. (MMSM), an industry‐funded, not‐for‐profit organization. MMSM represents stewards — brand owners, producers, distributors and manufacturers — who pay fees to help cover the costs of recycling their products and packaging. MMSM is not a government agency.

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My perspective - The good, the bad

Kate Jackman - Atkinson
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Turns out, improving the skills of Manitoba students isn’t as easy as A-B-C. This week, the results of the 2016 Pan-Canadian Assessment (PCAP) of reading, science and math were released, and students and educators in this province got some good news and some bad. While Manitoba students’ skills have improved, they still lag behind those in other provinces.

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Right in the centre - Biggest scam of the century

Ken Waddell
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Canadians, and Manitobans as well, are about to be subjected to the biggest scam ever foisted upon us. It’s called the carbon tax. The Canadian government is imposing a carbon tax. As our local MP Bob Sopuck and MP Pierre Poilievre have pointed out, the government isn’t saying how much the tax is expected to bring in or where it will be spent. I think everyone can guess where it will be spent and that is the blackhole of government spending that has typified governments of the past few decades. God knows, they wouldn’t want to balance the budget, service the debt or actually curb spending. It is reported that a family taking in $85,000 per year pays 45 per cent in taxes of all kinds. That is scarily close to half their income.

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