My perspective - What's the attraction

Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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What do we want to be known for? It’s an important question every community must ask itself. The Town of Neepawa used to be known for its flowers and each summer, thousands would come from across North America for the Lily Festival. With all those eyes on the town, everyone did their part to help the town live up to its title of “World Lily Capital”.  There were publicly funded lily beds and privately maintained yards and bus and carriage tours took visitors around to admire the beauty. The concrete deadline of the festival pushed everyone to get the town ready for the attention. 

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A guest column - Love your life

Tara Kauenhofen 
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A while back I wrote a post about being content, about being happy in your own life and I feel that it needs to be continued. You see, being content isn’t as simple as it sounds, I recently finished a book written by Rachel Cruze, called Love Your Life, Not Theirs. This book is about how to get your finances in order and how to live debt free, which I will get to in another post, but today I wanted to touch on something that has put a strain on my marriage, our finances and especially on me as an individual. The comparison game. 

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Right in the centre - Epidemic of secrecy

Ken Waddell

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In the decades long crawl to make health care accessible and still stay within 40 per cent of  the province’s budget, Manitoba governments have actually done a very poor job of containing costs. The current Pallister government is finding that to hold the line on costs or to actually reduce costs is a pretty frustrating exercise. 

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My perspective - Fast food

Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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Alot has changed in Canadian agriculture since 1977, but one thing that hasn’t is the rules that govern the transportation of livestock. In the last 40 years, not only have there been changes in how farm animals are transported, there has been more research into factors impacting their well-being, as well as an increased concern about their welfare. Since 2013, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been working on updating these rules and last December, the federal government released proposed changes to the Health of Animals Regulations. The proposed changes were open for comments until Feb. 15.

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Letters to the editor: Where have all the flowers gone?

Submitted By Cecil Pittman
The Neepawa Press

It is with great concern from me, and I can assure you many other citizens of Neepawa and surrounding municipalities who had members of their families involved in the military expeditions in World Wars I and II and the Korean conflict when we heard the instructions given by Mayor de Groot and Town employee Denis Saquet a couple of days ago to long time cemetery employee (some 43 years), Jack Follows.

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