Thumbs up, thumbs down - December 1, 2017

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My perspective - Where's the beef?

Kate Jackman - Atkinson
Neepawa Banner & Press

It’s been a little over a year since provincial Agriculture minister Ralph Eichler announced an ambitious goal to grow the province’s beef cattle herd from about 400,000 animals, to pre-BSE levels, about 750,000 animals, by 2026.  For those in the industry, the vocal show of support was welcome news, but making that dream a reality is easier said than done.

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Right in the centre - Delay, delay, delay!

Ken Waddell
Neepawa Banner & Press

Seems that I have titled a column that way before. That may well be true but it seems that delaying action is a recurring trait and especially so for councils. The Town of Neepawa has fallen into one of the worst and most costly delays in the history of Neepawa. The recently announced and much needed new fire hall is the result of a decision that was delayed for close to 20 years. 

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Top 10 nearly new vehicle buys of 2017

Ben Castle
Neepawa Banner & Press

Buying a new vehicle is looking increasingly attractive these days what with longer warranties, large manufacturer rebates and very low finance and lease rates. Manitoba may not be the cheapest or largest market in Canada for pre-owned vehicles, however, if you look hard enough, there are still some large savings to be made on nearly new vehicles and even if you're financing, the dollar savings can more than offset the higher interest rates that you'll pay. You will also save on admin charges such as freight and PDI (up to $2,000 for some manufacturers) and the cost of factory-fitted options and dealer-fitted accessories. All the following savings are based on actual vehicles for sale at dealerships in Manitoba and are a direct comparison of MSRP to MSRP, also taking into account current rebates available on their brand new equivalents. So, whatever kind of vehicle you are looking for, the following ten vehicles are in my opinion all solid choices, will still have a decent chunk of bumper-to-bumper warranty remaining and will save you a significant amount of money over their new counterparts.

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My Perspective - Losers and winners

Kate Jackman-Atkinson
Neepawa Banner & Press 

A provincial carbon tax is coming and for better and worse, it will have an impact on rural Manitobans. While we know how much we will pay and when, one big question remains— what will happen to the projected $260 million the province is expecting to collect annually? Right now, Manitobans can have their say, but it won't last long.

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