My perspective - Fake news, real problems

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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The news media in general has taken a bit of beating over the last decade, but these days, the public is being reminded of the industry’s continued relevance, thanks to an unexpected source, the rise of fake news.

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Right in the centre - We need to stand up for ourselves

By Ken Waddell

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I apologize if this column is a bit too personal or a bit too centred on Neepawa. However, there is strong message here for all communities.  As I write this column on Tuesday morning, I am sitting with my wife Christine, who is less than 24 hours out of surgery. The operation went well and she is recovering OK. Not sure how long she will be in hospital. Anyway, Christine has had wonderful care from diagnosis, to meeting a specialist, to the surgery.

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Observation: April 28, 2017

By Addy Oberlin
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My son-in-law races sprint cars. They are rather small cars with a slanted roof and a high powered motor.. My daughter always goes along and is at times part of the pit crew.. They had not been able to go for a few weeks, because he could not leave his business. When I asked my daughter if they were able to go this weekend she replied that they were going because her husband had a need for speed. It made me laugh out loud when she told me that. I was home alone and the dog ran to the back door to find out who I was laughing with. Laugh is good for a person. I spent many hours in the care home and when I hear someone laugh it is uplifting. It is wonderful to hear a laugh or a giggle.

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Faithfully Yours: Economic slavery

By Neil Strohschein
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At any time, any one of us can find ourselves facing a huge expense for which we do not have sufficient funds. That happened to me several years ago. Fortunately, a clause in my mortgage allowed me to borrow the funds I needed. That amount was added to my mortgage, increasing my monthly payment and with it, the control the bank has over my life and resources.

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Homebodies: It began as a casual weekend conversation

By Rita Friesen
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Warning – some individuals may be offended by the content of this column.

Assurance- I am in great health!

It began as a casual weekend conversation. During the week, I had prepared the order of service for my “Celebration of Graduation from this Life to the Next”. I had chosen the scriptures, the hymns and prayers for my funeral. As I spoke to my trusted friend about this, I mentioned that now I needed to choose the urn. Lets’ just say that as member of the widow’s club, I know how challenging all these decisions can be, and am thinking ahead, wanting to spare my children as much pain as possible. (I am trusting that they will be sad enough at my death!) 

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