Thumbs up - To Bird Sanctuary volunteers


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Thumbs up to the volunteers at Neepawa’s Bird Sanctuary. My heart broke to read of such madness going on at our beautiful, well taken care of bird sanctuary. I’ve always dropped off money in those boxes when I walked.

So thanks to all you hearty volunteers. Keep up the good work and bless you this Thanksgiving!

Cal and Nettie Williams

Neepawa, MB

Letters - Only one real purpose


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Regarding your recent editorial on the spread of “break and enter” type crime to rural areas: I agree with much of what you write. Until you expressed regret at having given up your shotgun.

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My perspective - Mind matters

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson

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Participation in sports has a myriad of well documented benefits. The confidence, improved health and teamwork and leadership skills learned in sports can be applied throughout life. But the news might not be good across the board; there is a growing body of research into the downside of the way we are playing certain sports. As the fall season gets underway and players head to the rinks and fields, what’s being done to ensure their long-term health?

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Right in the centre - Newspaper week

By Ken Waddell

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This is Newspaper Week, but every week is Newspaper Week around here. Each day has a different feel to it, but when we put all the days together, every week is Newspaper Week. 

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Faithfully yours - Life changing attitudes, Part Two

By Neil Strohschein

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I am a fourth generation Canadian. My great grandfather left Germany many years ago, settling in the Pleasant Prairie district west of Wetaskiwin, AB. He bought some land and began to build a home for his family and a farm that would support them.

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