Out of Helen's kitchen - Bacon and Potato pie

Helen Drysdale 
Neepawa Banner & Press

When travelling in Britain I got to try many different meat pies. They were all delightful. This recipe comes from a British cookbook. My bacon loving grandson helped make this one for his dad. His dad enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

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Right in the centre - Some things just don’t work. Why?

Ken Waddell
Neepawa Banner & Press

In nearly 60 years of observing government and business, I have seen a lot of things that just don’t seem to work out. What triggered that thought was the story this week about the sports complex at Kapyong base in Winnipeg. It has been out of use for 10 years now and yet it was deemed to be one of the best facilities in the City of Winnipeg. It has fallen into such as state of disrepair that it may never be used again. It’s sad, especially when good sports facilities are needed so badly.

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My perspective - Making mushrooms

Kate Jackman - Atkinson
Neepawa Banner & Press

We’ve all heard about the mushroom treatment, “Keep them in the dark and feed them [manure].” I wonder if this is the philosophy our current provincial government is following? If they get their way, Manitobans will have to work a lot harder to be well informed about the issues that impact their lives and communities. Two bills currently before the legislature, Bill 8, The Government Notices Modernization Act, and Bill 19, The Planning Amendment Act, will make significant changes to the process by which governments must notify the public about changes at local and provincial levels.

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Letters - Just don’t go there

Neepawa Banner & Press

The next time you are tempted to try an internet “quiz”, pass up the opportunity if you value your privacy. Very few people will invent a quiz just for fun. Most are looking for a return on invested time and your personal information is marketable. No hacking required, no pesky firewalls or passwords to circumvent; just put out an enticing quiz to get what you want.

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Homebodies - Just my opinion…

Rita Friesen 
Neepawa Banner & Press

What role do pets play in our lives? I can only speak from my own experience. From the time I was very young I have always had access to a pet. True, the first one was a working farm dog, never allowed in the house, but Rena and I, then Butch and I, spent countless hours together.

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